Google Maps API
My name is Andu with Widgetic and I appreciate you taking the time to try our Maps widget.

Google recently introduced a limit to how many maps one can load, and for this to work as expected you need to use your Google API Key. This is how you can generate one:

  1. Visit If you go to our Editor on you will find a new input field in the Content/Details step, where you can insert this key.

2. Please restrict referrers, and make sure Widgetic is added to this list:


Please give it 5 minutes for Google to update this on their server. Under API restrictions, make sure to select "Don't restrict key”.

3. Please make sure you enable Javascript Maps API, and Geocoding API. To do that create a project first. Go in your, select APIs & Services > Dashboard - and search for Javascript Maps API, enable it. Then Geocoding API and enable it as well.

4. If you see “For development purposes only” make sure you enable billing in your Google Account -

I hope I was able to clear things up. Sorry this requires so many steps, it’s out of our control for anyone who wants to use Google Maps. Please don't hesitate to follow up with me if you need any further clarification. I'm here to help (