Google Cloud Platform

API Prize

Best Use of Google Cloud Platform - use any Google Cloud Platform product or Firebase in your project. Winners get Google Home Minis.

What is Google Cloud Platform?

A suite of developer products that lets you build using the same technology and infrastructure that powers Google products.

Where can I get free credits? 

Check your email for Google Cloud Platform credits from Major League Hacking. If you didn’t get the email, visit the Google table for credits.

Google Cloud Platform Tech Talk

Saturday at 10:00am in Executive Education Room

What products should I try?

  • Machine Learning APIs - gain insights from data using Google’s pre-trained machine learning models.
  • Firebase ( - mobile / web development platform featuring the Firebase realtime database
  • Databases & Cloud Storage-
  • Cloud Functions ( - event-driven serverless computing in JavaScript and Python. Great for backend code to call various APIs.

Where can I see Sample Code?

Documentation for all of our products at has sample code embedded in all tutorials. Check out our Quickstart tutorials (i/e See above for links to product documentation.
We also have this GitHub repository ( with end-to-end code samples showing you how to integrate Machine Learning APIs (Vision, Speech, Natural Language, Translate, and Video Intelligence) into web applications and deploy them to App Engine.

Questions or Need Help?

Swing by the Google table on the 2nd floor if you have any Google Cloud Platform questions or need help getting started.