Goals of the Training Working Group

1. Consolidate existing documentation sources

  • 1.1 Find out which existing Google docs can be integrated to learnOSM. The remaining ones should be moved elsewhere (Wiki?) or deleted if they are way out of date.

2. Identify audiences and potential needs

3. Prioritize OSM's training needs for specific audiences

  • 3.1 Create a troubleshooting guide for mapathons (preferred web browser, WiFi issues)

4. Revise existing documentation (where needed)

  • 4.1 Review the LearnOSM guide on mobile mapping and bring it up-to-date. This is targeted at actual users of the relevant mobile hardware and apps and would include taking pictures for LearnOSM documents if necessary.
  • Keep in mind that LearnOSM must cater for the OpenStreetMap Community as well as the HOT and Missing Maps Communities.

  • 4.2 Keep up-to-date with upcoming releases of iD and amend learnOSM documentation accordingly.

5. Develop translation protocol and process

  • 5.1 Although translated documents are semi-automatically transferred to the staging site the promotion of documents to learnosm.org requires manual review. Helping hands would be welcome here.

6. Create new documentation and training materials where gaps exist (In collaboration with Activation WG, create documentation/training materials for new activators/activation coordinators)

7. Decide on the primary vehicles for sharing these modules (Wiki? Google Docs? LearnOSM.org?)

  • 7.1 Please also list all the programmes, platforms and mediums used in making additions and changes in LearnOSM so when we come across someone with those skills we can try to interest them in giving help. (i.e. Java, Jekyll, Github, Kramdown, Markdown, Transiflex)

8. Promote new training materials and modules for all users

9. Support informal learning opportunities in addition to planned learning routes

10. Organize certificate program (for local mappers, specially for trainers)