Genius Vision Software and Platform Enhancement
Everyone, please feel free to contribute your ideas by directly editing this document. You are in direct contact with R&D staff for this software enhancement discussion. Our vision of software enhancement process is explained here.

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Platform enhancements

  • Should simplify forum channels. Improve explanation about IP camera compatibility section.
  • Technical support should be categorized: (1) trivial question (2) troubleshooting (3) IP camera related (4) software enhancement discussion.

Software enhancements

Notification by Telegram

(Awaiting discussion)

Language translation (?)

  • Japanese (?)
(Awaiting discussion)

Software issues

Trigger policy issue

According to mr_sarge (17/3/23 on forum), a Trigger Policy with TriggerCond set to  alarm_tripwire seems to be having some issues. that will never trigger. Awaiting verification and more discussion.

LowPriorityMaxFPS implementation limit issue

A bug has been identified that for “Low Priority Recording” feature, that has caused the "LowPriorityMaxFPS” setting has a maximum effective value of 214 seconds. In theory, this limit should not be exist. After initial code review, we concluded it’s a coding error and is easy to fix.

ONVIF PTZ issue after 917

According to Quindor (2017.10.30), ONVIF PTZ function has a strange problem that causes the preset list to disappear. This issue has been identified as starting from version 917. After initial code investigation, the potential cause might have been found.

Connect to Remote NVR, ScriptRunner creation does not allow host name

As pointed out by some user, which should be a small bug, easy to fix.

PC-webcam audio compression

Currently, audio recorded from PC-webcam seems to be raw data PCM data. In some situation, software compression might be desired.


It looks some camera (17/3/24 on forum) uses GET_PARAMETER to perform keep-alive operation. Normally this should be done in RTCP, but apparently RFC allows this GET_PARAMETER method to be a substitute. Need more discussion.

RTSP with very long password

According to jdck (17/3/25 on forum), use password longer than 20 character may crash the NVR software. I haven’t been able to verify this. Need more discussion. 

Lite edition - 3x6 matrix layout won't save in pattern page (software version 930)

According to ico_008 (17/8/30 on forum), 3x6 matrix layout won't save in pattern page only in Lite Edition. After testing this issue has been confirmed. Further investigation on our side is needed in order to fix this issue.