Gamut Compression Implementation

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Matthias Scharfenberg & Carol Payne - Working Group Co-Chairs
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead


The work completed by the Gamut Mapping Architecture group, which resulted in a scene-referred RGB Gamut Compression Algorithm, requires implementation of the algorithm in major software applications.  The scope of work for the working group is as follows:
  • Outline baseline implementation standards and documentation
  • Work with software developers to ensure implementation across specialties such that productions can use the tool at scale 

Our initial target software for implementation will be:
On Set: Pomfort LiveGrade
VFX: OpenColorIO
Grading/Finishing: Baselight, Resolve, Colorfront


  • Documentation detailing the implementation best practices and test materials (if applicable).
  • Reference implementations in at least one application for major production uses (on set, VFX, grading/finishing)

Workflow Stages

On Set

  • Should be tracked as an LMT in AMF
  • Should default to always on in on-set applications


  • If used on set, should also be present in dailies media 


  • Should not be baked into pulls
  • Should be treated in VFX as “pixel healing” in the comp, and should not be inverted out on return to DI


  • Need a way to track VFX vs non-VFX shots, as VFX will have the gamut compression already applied


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Next Meeting

The next meeting of the this working group is scheduled for:

Thursday, 04/29/2021 9:30am Pacific Time

Past Meetings

Past meeting notes and recordings can be found below, in reverse chronological order.
Meeting #5 - 29th April 2021
Meeting #4 - 22nd April 2021