Gamut Compression Implementation

(ARCHIVED - This group has concluded and is no longer active. This page remains here for reference only.)

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Matthias Scharfenberg & Carol Payne - Working Group Co-Chairs
Alex Forsythe - ACES Technical Lead
Steve Tobenkin - ACES Adoption/Comms Lead


The work completed by the Gamut Mapping Architecture group, which resulted in a scene-referred RGB Gamut Compression Algorithm, requires implementation of the algorithm in major software applications.  The scope of work for the working group is as follows:
  • Outline baseline implementation standards and documentation
  • Work with software developers to ensure implementation across specialties such that productions can use the tool at scale 

Our initial target software for implementation will be:
On Set: Pomfort LiveGrade
VFX: OpenColorIO
Grading/Finishing: Baselight, Resolve, Colorfront


  • Documentation detailing the implementation best practices and test materials (if applicable).
  • Reference implementations in at least one application for major production uses (on set, VFX, grading/finishing)

Workflow Stages

On Set

  • Should be tracked as an LMT in AMF
  • Should default to always on in on-set applications


  • If used on set, should also be present in dailies media 


  • Should not be baked into pulls
  • Should be treated in VFX as “pixel healing” in the comp, and should not be inverted out on return to DI


  • Need a way to track VFX vs non-VFX shots, as VFX will have the gamut compression already applied

Gamut Mapping Image Submissions

Upload any image files that you think would be useful for this group to have access to for testing and development of gamut mapping solutions.

Access/view the files: Gamut Mapping Image Submissions
Test images debayered to AP0 EXRS here


Working Group Proposal Form