🐤 4 Steps to Reward and Monetize 70 Million Users

Applying gamification framework, Angry Birds are so phenomenally successful because game developers used 3 triggers to engage players: Unpredictability (wondering what game will introduce next), Social Influence (being able to share their success) and Accomplishment (points, badges, wins).
  • Unpredictability - a drive that sees player desiring to learn more in order to overcome challenges. 
From Angry Birds 2 features: Time-based bonuses, Randomized floors (play the same level twice with different layouts).
  • Social Influence -  a drive that’s comprised of multiple social factors such as competition, companionship, acceptance, social responses and envy. 
From Angry Birds 2 features: Leaderboard, Mini-games, Challenge fellow players in the arena, Give gifts to friends (also makes players sign up with Facebook)
  • Accomplishment - a constant desire to know what will happen next. 
From Angry Birds 2 features: Progress based rewards, Level mastery rewards, Characters and slingshot leveling.

💡 Four steps to entertain 70 million monthly active users

According to gamification framework, game developer will capture player hearts and attention by offering the unique. In this case unlockable, achievement based game collectibles that reward and motivate seems like an idea. 

This is how it would look in game.

  • Game notifications inviting to play
  • In-game reminders and gentle pushes to finish levels faster
  • Easter egg notifications, like collectibles unlock at level 25, the 1st 100 get an extra special prize and other hidden surprises
  • Inside the levels motivate with encouragements, like "You’ve almost reached the secret level/ just one more level to unlock collectibles / Be among 1st 100 if you finish this level now"
  • Create a fear of missing out and feeling of accomplishment when reaching the goals.
  • First rewards unlock already after beating 1st piggy boss. The more levels finish, the better are the rewards.
  • Extra encouragement in the harder levels, like "Only 2% get’s this far, here’s an amazing reward!"
  • "You’re ruling the challenge this week, here’s a gift card from popular online retailer. Keep up the great work."
  • Show the other players are already enjoying the collectibles in social media by creating exclusive loyal Angry Birds player's community.  
  • Including Easter Eggs in collectibles, like, t-shirt inside label unlocking super-secret level and scanning QR code on a box will give one of a kind bird level up in the game.
  • The further players get in the game, the bigger and better rewards become.
  • The ultimate challenge - get to the level 2000 and we will gift you all the unlockable collectibles and then some surprises