GET GEEKY - Challenge
Weather categories
  • construct formal anthology on WMO/ICAO weather categories/symbols
  • connect SVG WMO/ICAO symbols to existing taxonomy/onthology
  • refine SVG/WMO ICAO weather symbols
  • put SVG weather symbols into QGIS distro

  • natural energy e.g. wind speed in time series to study impact on energy sector (gas, natural)
  • rostering scheduling advice for construction engineering 
  • impact of extreme weather events on crops and prices of food
  • flood alerts (severe, emergency) have to be sent to the people who live in the affected region: preparedness against calamities
  • 3D visualisation of impact of fires on air pollution/chemistry
  • Frire trends: try to visualise trends in fire data with sliding scale of world map region
  • based on weather condition over a specific period a suitable crop need to be cultivated (to produce suitable crops and get good yield)
  • find relationship between weather and derivatives markets. Then use weather to predict the price of derivates in the future (NN)
  • where should I live? current and future data of different cities/locations based on the temp/pollution/fires. Map based view on each of above features

  • visualise air above you (wind temp cloud evolution over time) 
  • create twitter feeds or similar to show whether yesteraday’ forecast was correct
  • app that can monitor surface wind speed and give strong surface wind warning if wind speed is over threshold
  • design met map stylesheet (preferably CSS)
  • design a generic data tiling service (start from maptling)

  • develop a QGIS plugin for data discovery and download from ECMWF catalogue
  • generalise OpenData THREDDS to non-met data (i.e. video, audio, DNA)
  • define high level data sub-setting service (API)

  • unusual data assimilation: pressure sensors in mobile phones
  • learn normalisation parameters for dashcams
  • Ensemble outliers: 51 forecast- how often do statistical outliers model correctly (e.g. 1/51 members forecast a storm that occurs, 50/5 do not?
  • Replace shape file with another open format.