GET CREATIVE - Challenge

  • Development of underpinning WMO Stylesheet
  • Produce weather symbols as emojis 
  • Visualise the "weather ghosts”  or the weather of the past
  • Recognise and visualise the fractal beauty of weather patterns
  • Visualise causes/sources of poor air condition events 
  • Visualise the carbon footprint of everyday activities (e.g. One planet living)
  • An app allow users to explore how good our forecasts are at various forecasts ranges
  • A visualiser-esque gif that changes colour and size over time base on larger or smaller pieces of data (maybe hook it up to a world map to view different areas.

  • Asthma boy/girl: App boys&girls with asthma look at to check level of pollution, temperature, etc. Something qualitative (e.g. smiley face for low pollution levels, sad face for high pollution level) 
  • An app that calculates the cost/loss ratio of a weather related decision
  • An app analysing power usage/surges prediction and local weather
  • App in ArcGIS or other mapping framework to filter data → local data maps. Providing data to twitter/comms. Mapping impact of land changes
  • when will my fruit/veg be in season? What fruit /veg will be in season, now and in future climate? Vis app
  • optimal sunshine spots on a map to find out where to put solar panels? Is it convenient to install solar panels on my roof?
  • Link manufacturing performances and weather patterns / consumer behaviour and weather patterns
  • find relationships between weather and financial derivative markets and use weather to predict price etc
  • what-if scenarios/climate impact of various choices for future energy generation
  • Linking animal behaviour to  weather (e.g. snail coming out after rain) 
  • day planner assistance according to weather
Q: How can we maKe our cities more resilient and reactive to weather and climate data?


  • Musical extreme weather maps
  • App where users enters what they did the day before and the app generates a soundtrack  based on carbon footprint (promote cleaner actions?)
  • Musical air pollution map
  • weather swarms  - sound, visual maps, swarms move according to parameter

  • A game where the map is procedurally generated based on weather patterns from the user area
  • weather tetris; weather tetris swarm
  • healing the earth through open data - a story, an animated app or game

  • correlating music taste with local weather and using forecast to suggest music
  • present weather playlist
  • Musifing the forecasts of storms into an app that sounds a thunder when the storm arrives 
  • Develop a playlist (possibly Spotify) that responds to current and/or forecast weather conditions