Frontend Developer 
Manifest makes 401(k) transfers seamless. Transferring today is so tedious that 89% of people who start the process don’t finish. That’s why we’re building the first ever digital transfer solution for retirement accounts. 
We are looking for a passionate frontend developer to help our products function across platforms and convey our designs accurately. Our product’s frontend is a single page JavaScript responsive web app written in React and sits on top of our REST API. Through your work, we can ensure that our users are able to navigate our app with ease as they consolidate their retirement accounts. 

 In any given day you will…

  • Help design, implement, and launch major user-facing features so you need a love for great UI
  • Work collaboratively with:
  • Our design team throughout the coding process
  • Our engineering team including our CTO
  • Play with REST APIs and utilize HTTP requests for secure data transfers 
  • Write secure frontend code with an awareness of common web application security vulnerabilities
  • Develop a great sense of the product as you deal with user experience issues 
  • Utilize your experience delivering React applications within test driven development 
  • Leverage cloud native solutionsparticularly AWS
  • Work on the performance, security, maintainability, and testability of our code

To do a great job in this position, ideally you’ll have over 3 years of experience building modern frontend applications in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with at least 6 months of experience using React.

What’s the interview process like?

To apply for this position simply fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Next, we’ll want to meet you and and get to know a bit about how you plan to approach this position (i.e., your goals, experience, and problem solving skills). This is also an opportunity for you meet the rest of our team, ask us any questions, and gauge a fit. 

A short frontend exercise will be given to all candidates who make it to the next step. 

While we want an experienced candidate, we value people who are always willing to learn and try out new things. We will respond to everyone who applies, so write to us!