Created By Two TV Games, @gallighanmaker


Project Concept

This is a FREE kit made in Unity Engine (Version 5+), to help developers create your own survival game with RPG aspects


  • Unity Engine (Version 5+)
  • Low Poly Fantasy RPG Environment
  • Intuitive package and easy-to-customize
  • Currently working in progress and regular commits


  • Unity's new UI system with Modern Interface Pack
  • Player, Monsters, NPCs
  • Equipment System based on transform position and prefabs
  • Health, hunger and thirst system
  • Point Click, WSAD and Joystick/Controller movement via Navigation
  • RPG Camera with Zoom, Rotation and Joystick Support
  • Animations via Mecanim
  • Low Poly FREE 3D Models
  • Minimap
  • Levels
  • Attributes
  • Inventory, Items and Gold System
  • Crafting
  • Death and Respawning
  • Carefully crafted C# Code
  • Tottaly FREE to customize

Other functions will be implemented in new updates and will also be documented.



  1. Project setup, dependences and first inicializations
  1. How to create and initialize the player.
  1. Understanding the variables and attributes of the player.
  1. How to create and initialize an enemy.
  1. Understanding the Enemy's Variables and Attributes.
  1. Inventory system, how to use and create items.
  1. Equipment system, how it works and how to use it.
  1. Conclusion