🆕 Framer Sites Changelog

This document is now deprecated. Please head on over to https://www.framer.com/updates/ for all recent and future updates! And be sure to follow us on Twitter too: https://twitter.com/framer 🙂


Beta Updates

↕️ Grow, Shrink, Fill

March 8 @Hunter C @Melissa R 

To improve your layout's responsiveness, you’ll likely want to set many of your layers to 100% width rather than fixed width values. We’ve now added a layout helper action to the on-canvas UI that allows you to either grow a layer to 100%, shrink it to 100% or have it fill available space in a stack.


🚠 Improved domain name settings

March 2 @Anne L @Piotr K @Daniël I 

When setting up a custom domain for a site, users have to configure DNS records with their registrar. This process can be a bit error-prone, so we improved the “Site settings > Domains” UI to tell the user about any incorrect DNS settings.

  • DNS records can now be copy/pasted by clicking the record values, for easier setup
  • We now show exactly which record is incorrect (A and/or CNAME)
  • We now show if there are any extra records that might cause problems (e.g. having an AAAA record)

📐 Fixed / Viewport Layout

February 18 @Benjamin d @Shuang Q @Adam S 


🌈 Advanced CSS: z-index, user-select and pointer-events

February 15 @Benjamin d @Mauricio P 


🆕 [Draft] New Text Editor (ProseMirror)

@Konstantin P (employee only)

We have rewritten the text editor from scratch to support things we want to introduce like: semantic elements (h1..h3, li, etc.), Markdown support, styled copy and pasting (from for example Notion or Google Docs) and general styles support. We will start working on these features over the next few weeks.

But most importantly this should really improve the text editing experience. Editing large text elements should feel much faster. Entering edit mode should feel snappy and less jumpy. The generated html from the text editor is super clean. Overall, a huge step forward.


🆕 [Draft] Support srcset units % and fr for smaller images

@Ivan A