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Giovanni Allegretti:
    Good afternoon to everybody. My name is Giovanni Allegretti. I am the coordinator of the Centre for Social Studies of the Project EMPATIA, Enabling Multi-channel Participation Through ICT Adaptation.
    As you can see on the website of the project, we are today hosting at the Centre for Social Studies a working seminar of a colleague who comes from Taiwan, whose name is Audrey Tang, and is a civic hacker that we met during a series of other international relation development project is having with different country and parents.
    I had the happy opportunity to meet Audrey, which accepted to explain us a series of interesting movement that have been happening in Taiwan in the past year.
    We thought in the beginning to do like a web seminar, but because it's a person who has a lot of...

(chair skids)

Giovanni Allegretti: in person, we prefer to have Audrey here today. Because we had several friends who asked us to be able to follow the seminar without being able to be here, we are transmitting live stream seminar.
    We hope seminar will be the opportunity especially for a large discussion on issue that could be of interest of whoever is interested to EMPATIA project, in terms of cross-cutting issues related to data, open data, to civic engagement and to the transfer of click activists to a stronger commitment in civic issues.
    That's one of the reasons why I will stop talking here, and I will leave the floor to Audrey, which is doing also wonderful drawings on screen.


Giovanni Allegretti:
    Is that you waving behind me? I feel like an aura of something happening. I see people laughing, so I imagine people laughing on the other side of the screen. I leave to Audrey, so I will eliminate the possibility to draw so much. Maybe he's doing a horn on my head.


Giovanni Allegretti:
    I have been transformed into a cat. Perfect. This is the start. Starting with a laugh, it's always something wonderful, so we are happy. We're sure that it will be a wonderful seminar. If I'm not wrong, Audrey opens the discussion in every moment.
    It becomes's yesterday? No, two days ago, that you were doing the conference in Paris.

Audrey Tang:
    Yeah, two days ago.

Giovanni Allegretti:
    That became like sort of collective workshop, so we hope that it will be the same today. I left the floor to Audrey. Thank you very much for being here.

Audrey Tang:
    I'm very happy to be here, and since this is a very small room, I would encourage people to just interrupt me at any time. You don't have to raise your hand, but if I happen to be looking elsewhere, you just wave your hand or something.
    The idea here is, that for next two hours or so, I will go through five different talks, and I have no idea which of those five talks are of more interest to you. The five talks in very quick order, is introducing the political context of Taiwan and the Taiwan's, what we call the g0v civic movement.
    I will use one particular example, a crowdsourced dictionary, to illustrate. Then I will talk about the Sunflower Movement. Is there anybody here who have heard of the Sunflower Movement?
    We occupied the congress for 22 days, and it's one of the very few Occupies that is successful, defined in the sense that first we reached our goals, and also, we have a stronger consensus after the Occupy compared to before the Occupy.
    Then I'm going to talk about the national level politics that changed because of the Occupy. In particular I'm going to talk about how we use the same technology that empowered the Occupy, to talk with transnational issues like with Uber, and with Airbnb, and with the other globalized factors.
    Before I begin, I would like to know how everybody prefers themselves to be called or recorded. I'm Audrey.

Michelangelo Secchi:
    I am Michelangelo, and I also work in the EMPATIA project. You can call me Mike. My name Michelangelo, it sounds artistic.

Audrey Tang: