Flip Book

April 26

Where we’re at …

( design sketches )

( coded site … in progress! )

( so far )


  • review the site so far
  • what do you all think?
  • what’s working?
  • what still needs work?

  • where should this website live?
  • neocities?
  • laurel’s teaching site (veryinteractive.net)?
  • should we somehow export this to a PDF and upload it to the internet archive?
  • ???

  • feedback
  • integrate colors perhaps?
  • we might not need background color of blocks
  • put drawings in upper left
  • 2nd row extends past others
  • might be nice to see full title of the song in addition to the embed
  • multiple images?
  • maybe use up and down arrows for seeing more variations

To do!

  • drawing
  • everyone draws in black pen on 1/4 piece of 8.5” paper
  • internet map
  • object that represents you that can fit on your desk
  • when you’re done, take a picture of it
  • email me (schwulst@princeton.edu) this picture

  • catherine’s interview