Flighty – iOS 16 Lock Screen Widgets

Release:             Monday Sep 12, 2022
Embargo:           None
Beta Access:     https://flightyapp.com/beta-press
Link to:               https://apps.apple.com/app/id1358823008
Assets:               Images, Videos, GIFs
Contact:             ryan@flightyapp.com

What Makes It Different:

  • Widgets are the big feature this year. Especially with iPhone 14‘s always-on Lock Screen showing them even when the screen is off.
  • Everyone flies, airlines are a mess, everyone knows the background stress of constantly checking the flight status. Seeing your live flight status every time you pick up your phone (avg 250 times per day!) is a huge stress relief.
  • We went above and beyond with our design. Accommodating the 15 major steps during a flight with custom designs for each. Ex:
  • Count down to your trip, with weather for packing
  • Get exactly what you need for each step – check-in code, gate, seat number, take off time…
  • Custom in-flight progress bar
  • Arrival gate, weather, and bag belt when you land

Available for Free. Upgrade to Pro for live refresh.

Paragraph Form:

Popular flight tracking app Flighty has released a free update with iOS 16 lock screen widgets. Due to the importance of never missing an update flight tracking actually sounds like a perfect use case. Especially considering how often travelers must consult ever changing data, like Check-In code, Departure Terminal, Gate, Departure Time, and Seat just to name a few. Flighty has designed 15 smart states that make sure each one of those is shown at just the right time so you don’t have to open the app or even unlock your phone.

Not flying yet? The widget smartly turns into a daily countdown to your trip, and even includes the weather outlook for packing help. Another nicety is the in-flight progress bar to see how long until you land, which even works offline.

The company says all widgets will work with the iPhone 14 and Live Activities support is coming this fall.

Key Screens:

How Widgets Will Play Out:

Lock screen widgets are extremely design constrained – They are only text. There are only black and white. They are extremely small. The refresh rate is quite limited.