Launched: Tuesday July 23, 2018 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Press App Access: mailto:ryan@flightyapp.com

Website: www.flightyapp.com



Enter your flights then sit back and relax.

Flighty is the product of almost 2 years of constant refinement by a crew of flight nerds with the help of over 200 pilots and frequent flyers focused on one objective:

The ultimate flight tracker with pilot-level data, the smartest fastest notifications, and clean refreshing design.

With Flighty’s expert and automatic features you’ll spend less time in the airport, never miss a change, and once again enjoy stress-free flying.

Here’s where Flighty soars miles above the competition:


Top 3 Features

#1 Push Notifications

Flighty’s notifications are 100% push driven and totally unfiltered.

Our unmatched speed is thanks to our complete end-to-end push infrastructure. We never need to poll or refresh; when something happens to your flight, we push it all over the globe in seconds. Nobody comes close, not even airport boards or airlines’ own apps.

The next key is that Flighty is totally unfiltered and unbiased. If you think about it, airlines don't really want to tell you the truth… they want to tell you what makes them look best! We don’t have this issue. At Flighty our goal is to get you the whole truth, fast.

In stressful situations - like storms, late flights, or mechanical issues - knowing first is key to rebooking or to staying relaxed. Flighty’s notifications are consistently the industry fastest - even faster than airport boards and airlines’ own apps. If you want to know first, you want Flighty.

“It’s like Flighty is inside my brain. Every time I reached into my pocket, the info I needed was already waiting on my lock screen. ” - David B. Beta Tester

#2 25-Hour Where’s My Plane

Our inbound plane tracking is the culmination of pilot-level data and a year of refinement in testing.

Late inbound planes are the #1 cause of flight delays – and no other app even tracks it! 

Flighty does more than track it, we start by automatically monitoring your plane 25-hours before you even depart. Along its journey to you we monitor for disruptions or issues that may affect your flight. If anything starts going wrong - we alert you instantly.

#3 Design