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v2.0 Summary

Flighty 2.0 is the Super App that combines all the features you need with the design you love! Now with live-streaming plane locations, proximity radar to show planes flying nearby, ground radar to watch taxiing in real-time with runway labels and nearby planes, all on a new 3D globe to see your lifetime flights in a new dimension.

No more switching between apps when trying to catch a flight — Flighty 2.0 is all the best bits rolled into one. And it looks great, too!


Top New Features


Exclusive new feature

See everything in a new dimension. With new light theme, dark theme, and 3D globe satellite. Check out your past flights in 3D.

Soar across the world, see your annual and lifetime flights in a new dimension, or just watch the sun rise.


Exclusive new feature

40% of taxiing includes a delay* but no one shows you that – until now! See if you’re parked to the side, your position in the takeoff line, and watch live departures.

**2004-2019 (latest year) USA Bureau of Transportation Statistics