Finish the docs checklist (WG-docs-checklist)
Lead: QuietMisdreavus
Chat: WG-docs-checklist

Getting Started

Check out the issues linked below, see if there’s anything in there you’d like to do, and head into the chat to get started! If you need to know how to get your code set up or where to find the docs within the repo, we can get you set up.


By the end of the impl period, we should:

Open Work Items

  • ptr (this one’s been claimed, but it’s still open at the time i started this so yeah >_>)

Each link corresponds to a module in the standard library whose documentation hasn’t seen much of an update since 1.0. The issues have all been filled out with a list of things that should be taken care of for the issue to be considered “fixed” as a whole. It basically involves going over each thing that’s in the given module to make sure it has docs in the first place, or that the docs link to other pages in the standard library that are relevant, or that they reflect the best practices that have come around in the time since they were first written.

The os module deserves some special mention. Most of the modules inside the real os module aren’t visible in the docs that you see on or on local docs that you get through rustup. To consider it closed, the unix, linux, and windows modules (at least) should get an update, according to the instructions in that issue. Getting the macos module is also important, to get the other major desktop platform. Other modules can of course be filled in, but the major push for that module is to get those specific ones looked at.

Don’t feel compelled to get everything in a module’s checklist all at once! It’s totally cool to just get one or two. There’s no rule that one person has to claim an entire module. (In fact, several of these issue’s checklists have already been partially filled in!)

Completed Work Items

  • Everything that was completed before the impl period!
  • ffi (Thanks @federicomenaquintero!)