Finance and Legal Associate 
Manifest makes 401(k) transfers seamless. Transferring today is so tedious that 89% of people who start the process don’t finish. That’s why we’re building the first ever digital transfer solution for retirement accounts. 

Whether you’re working for a bank or a bakery, there is a persistent relationship between law and finance. In fintech this relationship is even more important. Every week we tune our distribution strategy, analyze user behaviors, build out our product, and move forward on compliance. However, while we have processes in place to ensure we’re progressing, we would like to be more organized. Currently we’re keeping track of our progress and industry in a Q&A style document. It’s over 50 single-spaced pages long!

In any given day you will… 

A person in this position must have great attention to detail, research, and analytical skills to understand our business and then subsequently identify areas where Manifest could be more strategical. 

What’s the interview process like?

To apply for this position simply fill out this form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Next, we’ll want to meet you and and get to know a bit about how you plan to approach this position (i.e., your goals, experience, and problem solving skills). This is also an opportunity for you meet the rest of our team, ask us any questions, and gauge a fit. 

A short exercise will be given to all candidates who make it to the next step. 

While we want an experienced candidate, we value people who are always willing to learn and try out new things. We will respond to everyone who applies, so write to us!