🌅 Final Class


Happy final class!

Congratulations to Sabrina!

Sabrina was accepted as a fellow for the  Asian American Studies program. She will expand her helpful website to a fully functioning project this summer!

Re-submitting work

You’re allowed to resubmit any projects that were turned in on time. To do so, simply add a comment in Canvas on the project that you’ve updated.

The final day to update assignments is one week from today, May 5


Student Homepage Reviews

Please place your link after your name and observe when you’re the notetaker. The notetaker will consolidate feedback on this document. Once you present, you will select the following person to go.

Please remember to also submit this on Canvas, as well as your Helpful App, and your reading presentation.


Daniel (N: Tayo)

  • Old website-y feel of portfolio similar to past projects
  • Interesting subject matter
  • Timely exploration of issues
  • Good at developing design systems
  • Would be nice to see expressive experimentation with design systems

Tayo (N: Erin)

  • Ideas and design process has always been exciting and interesting
  • Portfolio has a really nice scale
  • Nice progression from earlier work → growth 🙂 

Erin (N: Mia)

  • Reflections were really thoughtful; related to the class
  • Focus on type as a central aspect of the type is effective
  • Split screen structure makes the organization clear and dynamic
  • Carries over the multilayered/dimensional theme of work
  • Good control over typography and layout; good control over creating design systems
  • Passion in projects is clear
  • Revisit the hierarchy of the site
  • Name may be too big → highlight the interior reflection/content and imagery more

Mia (N: Zining)

  • the color changing background helps people understand the space the projects are in
  • The portfolio itself is very systematized and functional
  • very digestable with hierachy