File naming protocol - CONFIRMED
In the event a client does not have a preferred CAD file naming protocol in place, please use the following:


EXAMPLE: #####-####-AA

##### => PROJECT ID

  • Derived from WFM job number


  • 0001 onward (irrelevant of component type)


  • GA => General Assembly
  • SA => Sub Assembly
  • PT => Part
  • WM => Weldment
  • RF => Reference information

A drawing file will be named the same as the part, assembly or weldment file. For multiple drawings, use multiple sheets.

This is currently open for comment. Once we have locked in a standard for CDV, I will circulate a procedure for standard file naming protocols, including when they should be applied.

Thanks guys.

I’m not sure that using the revision number in the file name is a good idea. A change of revision in a part will result in a change in its filename which means the assembly and drawing files will need to be modified also.

All looks good to me, but no rev as part of the file name.

When saving the CAD info into the CAD folder, rename the folder to include the CAD version being used. For example, an inventor 2017 project being saved for the first time should be saved as follows:

\3_Job Data\CAD Files\Inventor2017

This will enable greater visibility of the version being used and help mitigate the accidental re-versioning of a project