Figma’s Return to Work/Workforce Planning Survey
We need to make some big decisions about how we will work together before and after there’s a vaccine for COVID. As we’ve discussed at All Hands, we’re considering all possible options — from pretending that COVID never happened and requiring everyone to be in the office during all working hours to going fully remote. (It’s quite unlikely we will end up at either end of this spectrum, but we are trying to keep an open mind!) 

Note that this survey is intentionally not anonymous. This is because we might want to follow up with some of you and ask additional questions to understand your point of view. We ask that you answer these questions honestly so we can make the best decision. 

**Hopefully it goes without saying, but your answers will not impact your career at Figma in any way.**

Section 1 — Personal Info

What is your name? 
What team are you on (please give the name of your immediate team)? 
I am a(n):
I have been at Figma for:
Did you have full time (non-intern) work experience before Figma?
Did you have experience working remotely at a job before Figma?
Were you designated a remote employee at Figma pre-COVID?
What were your primary modes of commute pre-COVID? (check all that apply)

How long was your commute each way pre-COVID?

Section 2 — Perception of Productivity and Connection

We recognize there are numerous current circumstances that make it quite hard to gauge a “true” sense of productivity, creativity, and fulfillment while working remotely (global pandemic, lack of childcare, individual health concerns, police brutality on display, social unrest…the list is long).
To the extent possible, we'd like to gauge your own perception of your general experience of working remotely throughout these difficult times. (Again, it goes without saying, but you will NOT be penalized in any way for any of these answers.)

Despite global events, I generally feel productive while WFH.
Despite global events, I generally feel creative while WFH.

Despite global events, I generally feel like I can collaborate effectively with other Figmates while WFH.
Despite global events, I generally feel fulfilled while WFH.