💻 Figma vs Sketch

Alternative to Sketch: Why now?

  • Sketch keeps updating and breaking our old files
  • We’re heavily relying on third party tools to fill-in the gaps in Sketch (plugins, prototyping, handoff)
  • Our Dropbox is getting filled with projects, Sketch files and Archives of projects which are hard to follow and sort through
  • Our file naming convention and versioning are hard to scale
  • Handing off designs to developers is still done via JPGs

Figma Pros and Cons



  • In the cloud
  • No syncing, just log into any computer and all the files are there.
  • No files (free SSD space)
  • Latest files are always there
  • Collaborative
  • Can work on a file together (Keynote was pretty sweet when we worked on decks together)
  • Can look at a file together without having to share screens (can just have our mics on)
  • Comments
  • Prototyping built-in (no more Marvel, no more exporting flows)
  • Version control
  • Every click is undoable
  • More robust components
  • Access and modify the properties of any layer in a component without detaching it from the master.
  • Components can have their own grids: Layout Grids
  • Easy handoff: share link with devs (or anyone)
  • Bonus: you can embed Figma projects in Dropbox Paper
  • Multi-platform (desktop apps for Windows & iOS, Android and iPhone apps)
  • Images masked automatically
  • Multi-grid support
  • Popular amongst big companies (Square, Twitter, Airbnb, GitHub, Discord, Uber)
  • Smart Selection 2D (rearrange images in a grid easily). 
  • Ability to select multiple images and place them quickly in different shapes
  • Constraints behave better than Sketch’s resizing
  • Clunky in comparison to Sketch
  • UI feels a bit dated
  • Lack of features (no plugins)
  • Have to port everything over “start from scratch”
  • Will have to deal with Sketch + Figma during the transition
  • Learning curve
  • Doesn’t work offline (unless you have the file open or a .fig file locally)
  • There’s a bit of black magic happening (not necessarily a bad thing): how’s everything syncing
  • Constraints take a while to wrap your head around
  • Copy-Pasting still sucks (at least Sketch had a plugin to fix it)
  • Frames vs Groups behaviour could be improved

  • No dynamic buttons
  • Can’t get rid of external libraries
  • Does’t support Drop Shadow Spread
  • No support for unit-less line-heights. Percentage-based line-heights are buggy.
  • Can’t customize layout grids. Ex: use borders instead of fill colors for grids.
  • Alt to show distance between objects is broken as soon as you have a stack: big image + component on top of it = distance shown to image and not the component.
  • Can’t duplicate fills. Ex: create a linear gradient. Can’t duplicate it a bunch of times. Instead, have to recreate. Same goes for strokes: can’t have multiple strokes.


  • Keep ratio of objects when resizing frames
  • Flexbox-like alignment and positioning (Constraints on steroids)


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