Feature request: dynamic marketplace fee distribution to referrals


Particl Marketplace needs strong tools to encourage and attract people and needs low barriers for adoption of marketplaces by marketplace operators.

Solution: Give tools that speak for themselves to the marketplace operators. Affiliate marketing.


Private Marketplace operators can define their own fees to be taken on sales. If this fee could be optionally set to be automatically distributed to addresses which can be identified as a lead-generator, Particl Marketplaces and their respective owners would have a powerful tool to encourage active promotion by 3rd parties. This can be called Particl Affiliate Marketing.


A marketplace owner sets a flag (open for affiliates) within the marketplace settings. A marketer generates leads to products by spreading affiliate links. These affiliate links once clicked get identified by the marketplace. The lead generator, marketer, gets a portion of the sales fee -automatically. Payout after escrow release. Triple win: Win for the marketer, win for the marketplace owner, win for the Particl economy.


What makes this idea good, where are the obstacles, what could go wrong?

  • Pro
  • list of resulting benefits and other positive implications

  • Is an active marketing tool which potentiates the marketing effect for the entire Particl ecosystem
  • Reduces the issue Marketplace owners may have with pre-financing marketing for their marketplaces
  • Fixed the problem that Particl Foundation has no funds to support marketing for marketplace operators 
  • Makes it easier for marketplace operators to make a decision for Particl Marketplace

  • Contra
  • list of resulting downsides and other negative implications

  • Possibly privacy issues around the payment of fees (fees are currently public transactions, a bigger fee paid could indicate a certain user has purchased a product with an additional affiliate link. Fees would need to be switched to anon, potentially)
  • Potential for abuse if the process is too manual (a seller not disbursing affiliate payments)

  • Attention Points
  • list of things that need to be taken into consideration or need special attention

  • How do get referrals/leads (codes) get counted to generate a referral-weight as equal basis for fee distributions?
  • The marketplace operators must accept addresses manually
  • This affiliate program should be available to the whole marketplace and for individual products as well. The marketplace owner can choose how he wants to use the tools
  • The marketplace operators should have the option to
  • make those referrals time-limited
  • make those referrals not only rely on sales fee distribution
  • but also a kind of CPC (COST PER CLICK) → Marketplace operators define a pool from which the click recommendation is rewarded.


What will be the overall risk/cost/reward ratio and what are the long term benefits for this idea to the Particl Project.

  • It is assumed that this idea is not trivial to implement, but the resulting benefit and leverage effect in marketing is unprecedented. Small changes of the variables lead to large deflections in the result. 

Actions to make this idea work

What are the next steps to be taken to make this idea work. Sort by chronological sequence.

  1. qualified discussion on practicability
  1. brainstorms about new possibilities resulting from this idea
  1. design UX and workflow  
  1. estimation of effort to implement