Fear Nothing Blood Tests
Numan, Q4 2021
Role: Product Design, Brand Design.
Team: Me, Product Manager, Clinician, 3D Modeller.

At Numan, our goal is to help our patients live better and healthier life. And the diagnostic plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. The better and the earlier we can diagnose health issues the better will be a treatment plan. But too often we are so scared to know the truth that we delay the moment until it's too late. By launching new Fear Nothing Blood Tests we help our patients to face bravely their fears and start living healthier lives.

People benefit from doing blood tests regularly but are scared.

There are lots of benefits of regular home blood testing for people:
  • Early diagnostic of health issues;
  • A better understanding of known health problems and as conscience a better treatment planning;
  • Improving health through tracking nutrient levels;
  • Convenient of testing from the comfort of home.

So of the problems:
  • Are scared of potentially bad outcomes of the test;
  • Think it is painful;
  • Don't understand the value if healthy;
  • Very difficult to interpret results without medical background;

Seeking a way to create a new healthcare market

Ignorance of value and fear of results within the target audience.

Inspire and enable men to fearlessly confront what their blood can tell them about their health.
(And by that, create a new healthcare market category and own a sizeable portion).

Metrics that measured how valuable the product would be were:
  • The number of tests sold daily;
  • LTV of the blood test category;
  • NPS score of the blood test category;

Create a blood test offering where patients feel winning no matter of outcome.

Towards an 'interesting' platform

Fear of knowing the truth on the major deterrent for patients to accomplish a blood test. Fear is an emotion that was mentioned many times throughout human history:
"Be not afraid"
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."
“There’s nothing worse than too late.”

Numan's blood test, and the brand, help with fear.

At this point, we came to the slogan and product name: Fear nothing.
Make sure this works as a platform idea I start playing around trying to find a visual representation for it.
For the previous blood tests, I made very cool plasters that patients applied after finger prick. They were so nicely designed and funny so people forgot about prick the moment they applied them.