Facebook Ad Creative Ideas
Created by: Lisa Travis

Facebook & Instagram - Creative

Texting Ads
Tested in: Retail, SaaS

For experiences - whether that’s retail or even UX (SaaS), we’ve found that “Texting” videos have had a great improvement over standard image ads. For example, this texting animated creative result in an 87.5% ROAS improvement compared to the image ads that had been running for over a month.

Comment Style Testimonials
Tested in: eCommerce

We know that testimonial ads work well, but comment-style testimonial ads outperformed other testimonial formats for eCommerce brands occasionally (even video UGC testimonials). These ads feature real reviews and use emojis to help them stand out in the feed resulting in an improved click-through-rate over traditional “quoted” or video UGC testimonial ads.

UGC Testimonials in Vertical Format
Tested in: eCommerce

One of our best tests is multiple user generated content testimonials that are 15 seconds or less meant for IG Story, but can be run on all Story & Feed Placements. 

What you’ll find is there tends to be a CLEAR winner, whether it’s due to what they say or how they look/their environment. 

You can ask your customers for content, or use a service like Billo to acquire these at scale.

In one of our UGC Testimonial Tests, there was a 47% ROAS improvement in Prospecting compared to standard image ads (ads that expressed the value props of the product and its features).

First 3 Second Split Test
Tested in: eCommerce, Apps, SaaS

Explainer videos are a staple of Facebook & Instagram ads, but most people focus way too much on the LENGTH of an explainer video. We found short explainer videos work just as well, and in fact, it’s better to focus on the first three seconds.

You can see how watch time stacks up by customizing columns for video engagement.

Back in Stock Ads (FOMO)
Tested in: eCommerce

FOMO ads in image and video format are the top performing creative. These ads focus on the exclusivity of products that continue to sell out — encouraging the consumer to buy while still in stock. On average, these ads improve ROAS by 123%. 

It’s important to be mindful of frequency with these ads. If the audience is continuously seeing the same ad over and over, the ad will start to feel inauthentic.