Some extra in depth reading, including research papers, articles and blog posts on relevant themes. You are welcome to add anything relevant and appropriate to these resources on the Comments page. (available shortly).

Copyright and Open Education

Can I Use This (Beth Harris 2012  discusses how museum and library image policies can undermine education.

The Humanities Crisis  (Harris & Zucker 2013) asks are museums and higher education doing all they can?

You’re The Teacher  (Hendricks 2018) Discusses the use of Creative Commons NC (SA) licences in education

Economics of Learning Materials looks at the cost and value of (free) open education resources

Let’s get serious about Wikipedia; Poulter, JISC, 2014

What Wikimedia can do for digitised content  The Wikimedia family of projects have a unique role to play in guiding both specialist and general audiences to scholarly and educational content, but there are better and worse ways to engage. (Marchionni, JISC, 2013)

The Future is Open report, by Creative Commons

Reuse of Digital Content Mellissa Terras examines and discussss some of the underlying issues

Embedding You Tube Videos is not a breach of Copyright EU judgement 2014

JISC Guide to OER - 2010, updated 2014

Culture must always be Commons, (Poole 2016) argues that everyone has a right to access our  heritage and culture as a Commons.

Projects / Case studies / Papers / Books

Internet Archive A history of the Archive and it’s mission of providing universal access to all knowledge.

Creative Commons undertook this Flickr Case Study.

Critical evaluation of SCRAN by the Scottish Library and Information Council,

British Library Labs  team works on projects with British Library staff, researchers, software developers, educators, entrepreneurs, community activists and artists from around the world to promotes, inspire and support the use of the Library’s digital collections and data.

OER for Open Schools Initiative, Ferreira; (pdf)

For the Common Good: The Library of Congress report on the Flickr pilot project,which eventually led to the formation of the Flickr Commons (pdf)

How the Rijksmuseum opened up its collection, a case study by Joris Pekel of Europeanna

True stories of Open Sharing case studies of sharing Open Educational Resources

Wikipedia Case Study Information on how Wikipedia uses and shares content, together with guidance for using it in UK education.

Walters Art Museum: A case study in sharing by Sarah Stierch including a donation of 18000 images to Wikimedia Commons