FOAM Smart Contract Improvement Proposals - Workshop Notes (6/13)


Introductions (Optional)

Part 1: Community Review of Improvement Proposals
  • Overview (Coleman) into open community discussion
  • Proposals (“means”) grouped into goals (“ends”)
  • Dependencies & Severity
  • Pros/Cons
  1. POI and Signal Standardization
  1. Fixing POIs (w/o Full Removal)
  1. Requiring Challengers to Create (not only remove) POIs
  1. Defender’s Advantage For Verified POIs
  1. Defender’s Advantage For All POIs
  1. Re-adding ‘Valid’ But Removed POIs
  1. Increasing Voter Participation
  1. Saving Gas and/or Time
  1. Reducing Plutocracy
  1. Increasing User Expression/Creativity
  1. Incentivizing POI Creation

Part 2: FOAM Improvement Proposal Process
  • Specification Template Drafting
  • FIP Process
  • Proposal Ownership & Specification Submission- Volunteers

Part 3: Ideas for Funding Community Efforts

Part 1- Community Review of Improvement Proposals

End Goal- Standardization
  1. Proposal- POIs as a NFT
  • Severity: TCR 2.0 contracts 

Notes- Assessed as interesting and worth investigating further. The interplay between POI verification/challenging and NFTs is as interesting as it is unknown. Further looking into: How would this impact the map-game, and the quantity and quality of info on the map? How technically complex would it be to do this?

  1. Proposal- Signal metadata should follow OpenSea standards
  • Severity: TCR 2.0 contracts and Signal Migration

Notes- Currently, FOAM MetaData is stored on IPFS, which is not supported by OpenSea. The issues around IPFS + OpenSea are around image hosting, and the speed of retrieving those hosted files. IPFS is currently not fast enough, so many images on OpenSea are hosted on AWS. Found related discussion: Further questions: Will IPFS and OpenSea become compatible? Will OpenSea eventually move to support IPFS, or will IPFS retrieval become fast enough for OpenSea? Are there other NFT marketplaces that should be considered as well?

Fixing POIs (w/o full removal)
  1. Editable POIs- allowing POI owner to edit POI metadata before a certain time frame and/or for a small fee 
  • Technical Dependency: Production-ready ENS or IPNS
  • Severity: Frontend and backend upgrades