FAQ - CCI Research Office (COVID-19)

What is this for?

  • Collection of information 
  • That maybe relevant to CCI faculty, staff and students
  • Regarding sponsored research

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Q &As
Summary of where we are and what’s coming
Research Labs
  • Create a continuity plan by working with department chair
  • If needed and appropriate, request for taking research equipment home
From Sponsors
  • Impact on deadlines (please read them carefully as the situation is changing very quickly)
  • For NSF (list of dadlines that are extended)
  • For DOD (added on March 24, 2020)
RED (Research and Economic Development) 
CCI Research Office
 New Opportunities
Non-COVID19 items
  • Where can I find NIH biosketch and other support forms?

Topic: Reseach Labs

How should the research emplyees work?  

  • Research employees, including undergraduate and graduate RAs and technicians, should follow guidance provided for all University employees.  All research staff, including student workers, should coordinate with their supervisors to discuss tasks that can be completed remotely or safely on campus through social distancing protocols.

What types of changes are we going to see for research activites on campus?

  • By March 17, access to campus research facilities, including laboratories and buildings, will be restricted to authorized personnel with key or card-swipe access. 

  • If you already have access to the building, you will continue to have access.