F22 Core Interaction 1: Code of Conduct
At the start of each semester, we will create a group agreement, otherwise known as a code of conduct that has been written collectively. (As a reference, we might refer to the School for Poetic Computation’s code of conduct).

Each person must add at least two items! Please list below

Classroom Agreement

Our Values 

We Do

Listen to each other
Respect each other
Help each other
provide support/help/resources
allow space for mistakes
Respect each other’s work 
Have materials ready for each class
If you are going to disagree, do so respectfully
Be patient with one another
Critique, not criticize
Be useful tools to each other  
Allow room for discussion
Keep an open mind
Share constructive feedback
Speak loudly so others can hear and understand
Come prepared for class
Respect each other’s learning style

We Don’t Do

Interrupt others while they are speaking
Arrive late to class
“I heard you say” instead of “You said”
Not value someone’s opinion
Personal attacks
Mock others 
share work without consent
Use someones code without permission 
Not sharing resources
Insult or judge other’s work
Disrespect someone’s culture
Ignore someone’s comments/ideas
Assume someones personal life
Be distracting in class

Classroom Etiquette

Mask policy may change, do whatever you feel comfortable with if it does.

Our Names