Experiencing the power of power.

Designed with American Electric Power, and the History Factory.

We helped concept, creative direct, design and engineer a pair of interactive experiences inside American Electric Power’s HQ in Columbus, OH. 

AEP wanted to communicate the innovative plants and highlight the communities they support, as well as tie in over 50 years of impact and innovation. A theater-sized interactive wall was designed to allow anyone to experience each plant through interactive walk throughs, pan through communities, and in some cases ride along with drones as they fly across a dam, depart from a wind turbine, or venture inside a nuclear power plant. A sea of kiosks were also strategically placed around the lobby to educate and inspire employees and guests to spark new conversations and explore how far AEP has come — and learn where they’re headed.

  • Within only a few months, nearly every guest, client and 75% of the 17,000 AEP employees have interacted directly, and/or shared content for the wall.

  • Thousands of interactive moments flow through the 50-foot panels creating an unforgettable first impression for even the most seasoned employee.

  • The lobby quickly became the hub for all company tours, a rich PR backdrop, and the ideal place for executives to show off AEP's timeless values and cutting-edge future.

  • The design and storytelling system we delivered lets AEP easily update content to keep the space fresh and current.

  • Custom games kept the content interesting, and made complex aspects of energy consumption and delivery simple.

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Jeff McWeeney

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