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If we find a way to figure or represent the unintelligible, we might be able to identify any levers or weak links from within the suppressive properties of capital.

Je kunt mensen wegzetten in welk hokje dan ook, zodat het niet meer over jou lijkt te gaan. 

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Reality is an Interface

The abstractions of capitalism are the hidden workers, the unpaid labour on which the whole economy is build. Unpaid farming and factory work and unpaid care work from those who make sure everyone else gets to go to work and school fed, dressed, washed and healthy. These are the shoulders on which the entire system is standing. And they are not recognized. They get denied. So that the system can grow. Contemporary society presents itself as just. Unequal rights and opportunity get denied and obscured. It is obvious that the inherited money, privilege and network are the only way up. But the system works overtime to tell us a different story. To show us the tokens of the neoliberal fairytale. Look, this persons used to be poor and now is a self made millionaire, all by herself. You can do it too. These people are the belly puppets and capital is the ventriloquist. Reality is like an interface behind which everything remains hidden. Reality is a built-up image of codes and rules, which denies its own nature. Whenever you bounce into a wall, you realize it’s there. For some, walls are everywhere, some are so privileged they will never understand. The system goes on automatically. Value is added to products by labour. Businesses have to make profit to survive, so they have to pay labour less than the added value it gives to the sold items. Businesses grow from un(der)paid labour. Business that do not grow or make profit, cease to exist. It is like evolution. There is no stopping this process. The scale of it by now is so intelligible, and the speed of its growth is exponentially accelerating. The derivative market is 10 times bigger than the actual market. Intelligible algorithms move intelligible amounts of virtual money around the globe in milliseconds. Speculations on future money create more money. And the power is where the money is. Power is not knowledge anymore. The power is part of the unintelligibility. The hiding, the obscuring. The abstraction. More knowledge is not going to give us more power over this automatic process. It’s too late for that. We need to insert it with vagueness of our own. Give it some of our bullshit. Enter the feedback loop, because every system has a self-cleaning capacity. We need to insert a different kind of data. Feed it something it can’t handle. Regain power by abstraction. But we cannot just make art in the privileged periphery of society while everybody else is playing along. We have to stop pretending we are part of a different economy or somehow outside of it all, because we are not. And if you think you are, you are most definitely one of those wall dodgers I mentioned earlier. Check yourself. Ok, enough about you. We have to really enter the system. Talk its talk, walk its walk and feed it abstraction. Popularize the open mind. We only have to change the interface.

4 Steps to Break Social Rules

  1. Know your culture (what does everyone else do)
  1. Identify the change (what do you want to do differently)
  1. Identify consequences (how will it make others feel)
  1. Actively mitigate risk (what STORY can you tell)

4 Steps towards Emotional intelligence

  1. Notice (Your own reaction + emotional response)
  1. Gain Control (Relax First)