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Abstract Movement

Everything which exists, all that lives on land and in water, lives only by some kind of movement. Thus the movement of history produces social relations, the industrial movement gives us the products of industry, etc. Just as by force of abstraction we have transformed everything into a logical category, so one has only to make an abstraction of every characteristic distinguishing different movement to attain movement in the abstract, purely formal movement, the purely logical formula of movement. If one finds the substance of all things in logical categories, one imagines he has found the logical formula of movement, the absolute method that not only explains everything but also implies the movement of things. (..) With everything reduces to a logical category, with every movement and act of production reduced to method, it naturally follows that every aggregate of products and production, of objects and movement, is reduced to an applied metaphysics. (..) What then is the absolute method? It is the abstraction of movement. What is the abstraction of movement? Movement in de abstract.  The purely logical formula of movement or the movement of pure reason. In positing, and composing itself; in formulating itself as thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, or better stil, in affirming itself, negating itself, and negating its negation. That is the business of reason itself and its apologists. (Marx)

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The human is not fragile or stupid. The problems of the mind can be solved, maybe not by the mind right now, but by the human. 

Abstraction as the movement of capital and also as te movement of the resistance to it

Marx’s notion of abstract labour identified the inner engine of capitalism, that is the transformation of labour into a general equivalent. In addition Sohn-Rethel spotted the strict relation between abstraction of language, the abstraction of commodity, and the abstraction of money. In Marx the concrete is a result, the product of the process of abstraction: capitalist reality, and specifically revolutionary reality is an invention. “The concrete is concrete because it is the concentration of many determinations, hence unity of the diverse. It appears in the process of thinking, therefore, as sa process of concentration, as a result, not as a point of departure, even though it is the point of departure in reality and hence also the point of departure for observation and conception. The process of determinate abstraction is entirely given inside this collective proletarian illumination: it is therefore an element of critique and a form of struggle. 

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  • Contemporary capitalism has evolved along two main vectors of abstraction: monetary abstraction (financialization) and technological abstraction (the algorithms of the metadata society). Expressed within the diagram of organic composition of capital, it means: the technical composition has evolved towards the algorithmic abstraction of networks (data governance), the value composition towards the monetary abstraction of derivatives and futures (debt governance). “Finance, like money in general, expresses the value of labor and the value produced by labor, but through highly abstract means. The specificity of finance, in some respects, is that it attempts to represent the future value of labor and its future productivity” Algorithmic trading or algotrading is a good example of the combined evolution of these two machinic lineages and a good measure of the desperate state of investment capitals.- Matteo Pasquinelli


This is a type of false consciousness that is not merely faulty consciousness, rather, necessary false consciousness is a type of false consciousness that is logically correct. 

Are positive numbers less conceptual than negative ones? Are all things conceptual? Or only all things we have access to? Or only all things we have access to through thinking?