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Thought is an abstraction
‘to take out’

It seeks the ideal of not being an abstraction. There can always be more, so it never gets all. 
= parallel to capitals ideal of scarcity.

Everything has limits.
Thought creates categories (time, energy, self, matter,..) Every category implies a limit. 
The limits between categories are abstractions
insight is always in concepts. concepts make things communicable.

Literal thought pretends thought is all there is.
Poetic thought is more ambiguous. is it?
participatory thought?

Without concepts we would be idiots, but concepts are being used for deception, to cover things up. Instead of being used proper.

If everybody speaks the same dialect, we think we don’t speak in dialect. 
If everybody speaks the same dialect, we don’t speak in dialect. But only if you are 100% sure we’re everybody. impossible. such certainties don't exist in reality.

discussion: to break up, a game each one tries to win
dialogue: we all win together, cumbaya

communication always involves thought. we communicate our thoughts. is that so? some people just open their mouths and stuff comes out. i would say, culture comes out.
we communicate our culture. which is shaped by our thoughts. ok. because we think while we look.

feelings will effect thoughts. 

when we pay attention to the process of thought, it will less likely go wrong. 

thought divides everything up, differentiation.  first for convenience, later we give the separation great importance. the meaning giving is where it really goes wrong.

nations, religions, families, etc.

thought is an active process but it pretends to be doing nothing. as if it just tells you the way things are. Automation

it pretends to be neutral, transparant

Everything we see around us is determined by thought. (course in miracles)

We think our thoughts are neutral, but they are already shaped by the dialect of our culture, Shaped by our economical situation. culture = social situation = economical situation, marx