Exercise 2. Café Website (HTML & CSS)

Step 1. HTML

First, let’s create a website for a café using only HTML.

Specifically, let’s do a website for Princeton’s own Café Mam.

The website should have:
  • the name of the café
  • its hours of operation
  • its menu (and maybe archived menus)
  • links to its social media presence
  • anything else … ?!

Unlike in 25 Variations, here … let’s try to use the most semantically-correct HTML elements as possible.

For this part, let’s create a new folder inside our class website called cafe-html.

Step 2. CSS … give it some style

For this part, let’s make a duplicate of Step 1 cafe-html . But let’s retitle it to be cafe-css. We will now modify this version so it has style (CSS).

Some inspiration:


When you’re done, upload these to your class website. And link from your class homepage as “Exercise 2. Café” 🙂