Evangelist Email Program
What: We want to provide email addresses to official Blockstack Evangelists. 

  • It gives them a sense of ownership
  • It helps gives them a level of clout and official-ness
  • Makes them feel special!
  • It puts our brand in their interactions

How: To avoid conflict with team emails and naming conventions and to avoid the hassle of managing and paying for their addresses in the G-Suite instance, we’re proposing purchasing a separate domain, first ideas I have are blockstackcommunity.com or blockstack.community

  • Backend: To keep the cost down, we’ll go with a basic email hosting provider, my initial research has led me to https://www.a2hosting.com/email-hosting - we’d simply setup a box for each evangelist and then send them a document with how to forward (or set forward for them as we already have their main emails) to their regular mail and enable ‘send as’ so they can just use whatever inbox they prefer. Going with G-Suite would be kinda nice, but at $5 a user I don’t think it’s worth it - this will be a very inexpensive way of providing an email to a lot of people and I’m not worried about performance as I don’t think these will be super high volume account or anything. 

Time: 2-3 hours needed to setup - would include setup of initial evangelists with their email.

Requirements to earn email:
  • Completed Evangelist onboarding form
  • Have Blockstack ID
  • Have met with the Community/Growth team
  • Are planning or have planned an event Blockstack is sponsoring or supporting
  • Successfully hosted a 1st event