Eric Stillman 4.15.2021
According to the Invisible Institute’s most recent data, Stillman has 3 complaints and 4 use of force reports between 2017 and mid-2020.

From COPA’s posted TRR

  • Appointed in August 31 2015
  • Assigned to the 10th District, beat 1065b. 
  • 34 year old white man
  • Other datasets matched with name and appointment date


  • From the Feb 2021 CR FOIA in the “Data Updates” folder
  • FOIA from COPA

CLEAR: 04D: Search - Person / Property
  • 10/11/2018, 7:30 PM, beat 1023 (“Hospital building/grounds”)
  • Finding of “Unfounded”

CMS: Fourth Amendment/Improper Search (Off-Duty)
  • 11/29/2019, 9:20 AM, beat 1021
  • One of three accused officers
  • Civilian complaint: “Complainant alleges that he was illegally stopped and searched during a traffic stop. Complainant alleges that he did not give officers permission to search his vehicle. Complainant noted that accused officers claimed that the stop was due to obstruction of view (complainant had cellphone mount on windshield). He alleges that one of the officers was verbally aggressive and rude. Complainant also alleges that accused officers did not activate BWC until after he asked officers "is this being recorded?", which he alleges was approximately 7 minutes after initial stop.”
  • Investigation pending, no finding

CMS: Fourth Amendment/Improper Search
  • 10/28/2020, beat 1021
  • Only accused officer
  • Civilian complaint: "the accused officer allegedly unlawfully searched the R/P’s vehicle during a traffic stop. The accused allegedly removed a small razor that the R/P had inside his vehicle.”
  • “Closed/No Finding”

Use of Force Reports

  • Use of force reports (Tactical Response Reports)
  • FOIA via CPD
  • All four reports have CB numbers, indicating that someone was likely arrested. One has no “member actions” meaning that the officer might be claiming injury while not claiming to use any force.
  • All four subjects are Black men, late 20s or older.
  • TRRs data from the May 2020 request in the “Data Updates” folder

TRR 390743 - December 4 2017
  • Beat 1011A
  • Takedown/Emergency Handcuffing, Other

TRR 790629 - December 27 2018
  • Beat 1067B
  • Wristlock, Takedown/Emergency Handcuffing, Open Hand Strike

TRR 869491 - February 05 2019
  • Beat 1067B
  • Wristlock, Takedown/Emergency Handcuffing, Open Hand Strike, Escort Holds

TRR 1500757 - May 14 2019
  • Beat 1067C
  • No member action listed