Equipment purchase list for Sogetsu Ikebana with Sensei Soho


If you are attending the Ikebana teaching, you will need to bring 3 items: a sheers, a bowl, and a Kenzan flower frog (needle point flower holder.) 

You have two options.

  1. Bring your own, either purchased new or from your home. You can buy the traditional Japanese versions of these items, or just substitute what is more affordable or ready-to-hand. 
  1. Order from Sensei Soho. For this, we need payment no later than 1 week before the teaching. The deadline for receiving payment is thus July 8. Checks only made out to Soho Sakai. 

Detailed description of needed items

Suiban  ( shallow bowl ):  10 to 12 inches diameter and 2.5 inches height.   You don't have to have one that is exactly like the picture. A similar one is perfectly OK. Suiban on Amazon.

Kenzan flower frog  ( needle point holder )  3.5 inches diameter.  It’s nice to have a heavy one. Ikebana kenzan flower frog on Amazon.

Hasami  ( Ikebana shear):  It is fine to use any kind shears to cut branches and flowers.

The cost if buying items from Sensei Soho is:

Suiban   $75.00    Kenzan  $50.00     Hasami  $60.00

Photograph of traditional versions of these items