Ember CLI 2018 Roadmap, discussion bullet points
Based on the feedback we got from the community, here’s an assembled list of talking points for the upcoming Ember CLI core meeting.


  • Tree-shaking/Code Splitting/Dynamic Imports/out-of the-box npm support
  • Yarn Workspace support
  • Better PWA support
  • Web/Service workers support


  • Build and reload times:
  • improve build and reload times (especially on Windows)
  • provide a way to debug slow build times easily; identify and show the reason for slow build steps; flag add-ons that don’t cache properly
  • Working JS Sourcemaps for small and large apps
  • Deliver Module Unification
  • Make errors more ergonomic
  • Consider “hiding” some of the dependencies from package.json (ember-resolver, ember-load-initializers, ember-cli-htmlbars)
  • Remove broccoli-builder fork
  • Import Ember microlibs in Node.js
  • ember-cli-dependency-lint stuffs
  • Discuss content-for hooks (alternative approaches as well), more details


  • Making the ember builds independent of the build tools
  • LTS policy for Ember CLI
  • Dropping support for Node.js 4
  • Plan forward for Ember Fastboot
  • Plan forward for Ember Engines
  • Plans for supporting the upcoming Babel 7


We should collaborate with Ember Learning Team to improve our current documentation, namely:

  • How to write “fast” add-ons, explain add-on hooks
  • Improve Broccoli documentation
  • Explain best practices
  • List our naming conventions (e.g. does ember-cli-* and ember-* actually mean anything?)
  • Potentially include all available hooks as blank functions in index.js