Eleven New York

1. Brand One-liner

  • Eleven is a direct-to-consumer football lifestyle brand, creating refined athletic wear and basics and original content for the more discerning and fashion-conscious football fan.


2. Brand Story

  • Founded in New York City by long-time friends Paul Vlachou and Sebastian Alvarado, Eleven New York was originally conceived because there was no brand that represented their point of view on football — from fashion and design, to content and community, they noticed a gap between massive multi-sport brands and the scattered landscape of smaller streetwear brands. Originally inspired by what Rapha has done for cycling and Saturdays for surfing, they decided to create a vision of something bigger for a global football audience.

  • Our ambition is to create refined athletic wear and basics that revere simplicity, but respect attention to detail, using only the best fabrics and materials available. Our clothing takes subtle inspiration from football era’s past and present; while also looking to the future and challenging what might be expected, whether that’s through design or manufacturing. We are not a high-performance sports brand with a sales pitch to make you a better player. Our simple premise is to create products that are made to sweat in and designed to live in.

  • We are timeless and independent of traditional fashion seasons and we work in partnership with manufacturers in Los Angeles and North Carolina to craft our materials into premium garments and accessories.

  • Eleven also delivers audiences curated and original content, from in-depth editorials, to photo essays, long-form podcasts and films. It’s our mission to bring people insights into original and unexpected stories from within the sport; and we are focused on building a diverse network of talented writers and journalists who can help us bring these stories to life. So much of what we’re seeing just skims the surface and doesn’t dive deeper. Our brand aims to enhance the conversation amongst footballers — the world over.

  • Our vision for Eleven goes deeper than just clothing and content. For us, it also comes back to community and our goal of building an ardent following of football fans who understand and relate to the way we see football. A community that wants to engage with us and each other, to talk about everything that surrounds the game — not just the matchday results. Eventually we plan to create physical spaces where you can not only try on our latest product, but also grab a coffee while you read the La Gazzetta dello Sport amongst other like-minded football individuals or listen to a guest panel of speakers discuss the business of football. The local pub will always be a great place to get rowdy and have a few beers with friends during a game, but where does the football conversation continue after the tab has been rung up? It’s our ambition to answer that question.


3. The Founders

  • We are an Aussie and a Swede living in New York City. We’ve played football our entire lives — at amateur, professional and college levels — and still continue to play with some of our closest friends and family in and around New York City.

  • We’ve worked together in the creative industry for 13+ years, with some of the world’s top luxury fashion and sports lifestyle brands, including Puma, Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Speedo and Calvin Klein. Between us, we have launched three companies, lived in six different countries and speak five languages.

Paul Vlachou

  • Creative Director and Co-Founder
  • Born in Perth, Western Australia | Moved to New York City in 2007

Sebastian Alvarado

  • CEO and Co-Founder
  • Born in Gothenburg, Sweden | Moved to New York City in 2003


4. Product

Launch Collection

  • Tops
  • Bottoms