After a year of running Metakgp we came to consensus that we need to add some structure to Metakgp to keep it going (see Tyranny of Structurelessness). The structure we came up with is that there will be three maintainers of Metakgp, who will coordinate the community and projects and take administrative decisions if required. The term is for one year, with term of one maintainer expiring every four month. The first elections were supposed to be conducted in May 2016 but only two candidates came up Vivek Rai and Harsh Gupta and the role of a maintainer was never formally given to anyone. The second election which was supposed to happen in October 2016 never happened. In this election we will elect all three maintainers, the top candidate having the term for whole year, the second having it for 8 months and the third for 4 months. 

Role of maintainers

  • Lead the community towards growth
  • Coordinate between Metakgp projects
  • Increase content on the wiki
  • Take administrative decisions if required
  • Increase public participation
  • Collaborate with other communities which share goals with Metakgp i.e. act as a liaison
  • Maintain GitHub organization repository and their access to collaborators/other developers

Other roles

  • Regular posts on social media and promotion of content and projects
  • Invite people to join Metakgp

Who can vote

  • Anyone who has contributed to the wiki
  • Anyone who has donated to the wiki
  • Anyone who has contributed to any of the Metakgp project

The voters list will be compiled by the election coordinator and will be publicly announced few days before the election.

Who can contest

  • Any person who is a student of IIT KGP for their entire term as maintainer is eligible. This includes first years, PG students or people who have not contributed to the wiki.

The nominees need to send their names, introduction and statement of purpose to the election coordinator before the deadline. 

Guideline for the Statement of Purpose

One of the SOP format you can use is:
  • About me
  • (Give introduction, what year, what department, briefly what have you done at Metakgp and outside,  description of any leadership role you might have taken (not a requirement)).
  • Details of Contributions to Metakgp
  • Wiki edits
  • Code contributions
  • Other contributions
  • Vision for Metakgp
  • What is Metakgp according to you
  • Maybe things which are right/wrong in the present scheme of things
  • What do you want it to be
  • Plans and proposals as a maintainer

You are free to use any other format, if that suits you. In the end the SOP should answer the following questions to potential voters:
  1. “Who” are you?
  1. Why are you a suitable person to lead Metakgp?
  1. What should people expect from you when you become a maintainer? (This should be as concrete as possible, “I’ll make make Metakgp the most important resource for any kgpian” is very vague, “I’ll curate institutes all academic rules and regulations” is more concrete.)

Voting Software

The current choice of voting software is Condorcet Internet Voting Service (http://civs.cs.cornell.edu/), it is a web hosted implementation of a ranked voting system and can be used to determine multiple winners. Conservancy Voting Software Repository mentions other voting softwares but they don’t appear to be suitable for the following reasons:
  • Helios Voting (https://vote.heliosvoting.org/) - Requires Google or Facebook; Doesn’t implement ranked voting; not sure if it can be used to determine multiple winners

Tentative dates