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Keynote Presentations:

Building Agility, Controlling Risk and Building Thriving Organizations

Change is a global force that has brought with it unpredictability and uncertainty that has challenged many organizations. It is how organizations respond to change, how they control risk and they build capacity that determines their agility and ability to succeed. Resilient organizations are based on an environment of continuous learning and vibrant cultures where teamwork thrives. Controlling risk is critical for success in the aerospace and healthcare sectors where the lessons from data-driven decision making, speaking up, and working collaboratively benefits many other sectors. The best way to predict the future is to shape it though knowledge and embrace it with agility. Learn from the experiences of award-winning CEO, Dr. Dave Williams, who has experienced first-hand and successfully led large organizations to thrive in high-stakes environments.

The NASA Way: Lessons on Leadership, Teamwork, and Corporate Culture

Space exploration is as much a story of leadership and teamwork as it is a story of exploration and discovery. 

In this presentation, Dave shares the leadership styles and insights of NASA senior executives, including himself, and the lessons they learned from critical moments. How did they prioritize? How did they resolve differences? How did they decide what to do when no one had done it before? How did they build highly competent teams? How did they build organizational resilience? How did they fight complacency and rebuild a culture of safety and innovation?

Dave will show how NASA recovered from tragedy and adversity, and how it developed a culture of competency that continues to attract the best and brightest.

Key Takeaways:
  • Leadership insights and important principles for leading in environments where outcomes are critical to success.
  • The importance of speaking up and listening up in achieving organizational excellence.
  • How to control risk.
  • Strategies to build resilience and peak performing teams. 

Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of the Universe

In this presentation based off his book of the same name, Dave shares the events that have defined his life. He shows us that whether we’re gravity-defying astronauts or earth-bound terrestrials, we can all live an infinite, fulfilled life by relishing the value and importance of each moment. The greatest fear that we all face is not the fear of dying, but the fear of never having lived. Each of us is greater than we believe. Together, we can exceed our limits to soar farther and higher than we ever imagined.

Education | Exploration Enhanced Curriculum

In today’s social media world, where flat earth, hoax lunar landing, and “Anti-Vax” theories run rampant, the importance of scientific literacy has never been more evident. Building students capacity to critically assess information is more important than ever before. The challenge for educators is doing so in a way that’s engaging for young minds. Dr. Dave Williams believes the answer can be found in enhancing the standardized curriculum with STEAM concepts.

In this presentation, Dr. Williams shares experiences from his career in outer space and underwater to create exciting connections between exploration and STEAM curriculum. This session provides an overview of different techniques and resources educators can use to energize their classroom with a focus on STEAM concepts. These techniques will help educators in their efforts to foster trust in scientific processes.

Audiences will learn:
• How to incorporate exploration science into the classroom to complement curriculum objectives.
• The best ways to access space resource material for educators.
• Techniques for delivering scientific concepts in a manner that excites the imagination of children

Motivation & Peak Performance – Reaching for the Stars 

Williams understands what is involved in achieving peak personal performance: endurance, persistence, and the ability to overcome obstacles. He believes success is built on a combination of effective judgment, skill, and knowledge. Williams shows you how to manage emotional energy for yourself and your team.

Risk Management – Don’t take chances; manage risks 

Williams believes in a “no error strategy,” which involves defining methods that establish zero tolerance for mistakes. Relying on his experience as an emergency room doctor and as an astronaut, he knows the catastrophic consequences that can happen when lives are at stake.

Healthcare & Technology 

Williams uses his clinical research in emergency medicine, early identification of trauma patients at high risk, and his work in Medical Robotics to discuss innovative technologies that assist the development of local and remote patient care.  

Environmental Stewardship 

From someone who has seen earth from a unique perspective, up high in space and from underwater as well as a scuba diver, Williams gives his thoughts on the importance of the effects of human habitation, the history of the human condition and our approach to planetary stewardship.

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