DodecaPen & OPT Dataset



We propose a system for real-time six degrees of freedom (6DoF) tracking of a passive stylus that achieves submillimeter accuracy, which is suitable for writing or drawing in mixed reality applications. Our system is particularly easy to implement, requiring only a monocular camera, a 3D printed dodecahedron, and hand-glued binary square markers. The accuracy and performance we achieve are due to model-based tracking using a calibrated model and a combination of sparse pose estimation and dense alignment. We demonstrate the system performance in terms of speed and accuracy on a number of synthetic and real datasets, showing that it can be competitive with state-of-the-art multi-camera motion capture systems. We also demonstrate several applications of the technology ranging from 2D and 3D drawing in VR to general object manipulation and board games.

OPT Dataset
Accurately tracking the six degree-of-freedom pose of an object in real scenes is an important task in computer vision and augmented reality with numerous applications. Although a variety of algorithms for this task have been proposed, it remains difficult to evaluate existing methods in the literature as oftentimes different sequences are used and no large benchmark datasets close to real-world scenarios are available. In this paper, we present a large object pose tracking benchmark dataset consisting of RGB-D video sequences of 2D and 3D targets with ground-truth information. The videos are recorded under various lighting conditions, different motion patterns and speeds with the help of a programmable robotic arm. We present extensive quantitative evaluation results of the state-of-the-art methods on this benchmark dataset and discuss the potential research directions in this field.

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