Diversity-Focused Events & Programs
As a minority-founded and operated technology innovation center, combining diversity with an authentic inclusive culture needed to truly drive value, innovation, and impact -- our commitment is in our DNA.  We lead in the promotion of diversity, cultural awareness, cultural exchange and inclusion in our communities.  We empower diverse groups (backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs) by providing training, opportunities and experiences that impact economic, cultural, academic, and technological success.  


  • Hosting events for the White House with C-level White House representatives in attendance. Events are focused around discussing diversity, inclusion, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship from a global stance. These events also address these discussion items on a national platform and career opportunities at the White House.
  • L3Eventeurs Women's Leadership conference (125 women attended).
  • Atkco Inc.'s Queens Brunch Chicago Ideas Panel & Lab event at Blue1647. (photos here).
  • Women-led Empowerment Events -focused on delivering relevant information to inspire & motivate women in all capacities of life through focus groups, workshops, health & wellness, coaching). Women Empowerment events is working on building a network of women who want to excel in their area of expertise.
  • Arts & Culture Events by member organization Expo Collective - that focuses on relevant issues for the Latino community (Links: 1, 2, 3,).


BLUE1647 hosts a variety of extracurricular sequential cohort-based learning opportunities (full-time and part-time 2-day to 20-weeks) for children from across the region. Some youth bootcamps for ages 7-17 include:
  • Student interns receiving mentorship from software developers and engineers, resulting in university scholarships to CS programs at UIUC/UIC/Loyola and more; students developing their business and building 3D-printed prototypes resulting in winning Citywide NFTE business competitions seen here, Boeing Scholarships, and high school business competitions for Lock and Fingerprint Scanners they've built at BLUE1647 seen here.
  • An all-girls after school Corliss High School cohort teaching Game Development.
  • Approx. 70% of our 95 students in our workforce development program in the Summer 2014 were girl. All students qualified for the public school Free-Lunch Program.
  • Over 720 diverse students ages 7-12 learned Java programming & Minecraft Game Development in our full-time and part-time Bootcamp. They learned how to use a Mod Coder Pack (MCP), how to create a new java file, decompiling/recompiling Minecraft Code and more. All students can save/send/take home their custom code files, use them in the game, and receives screenshots of their items in the game and more. Some youth bootcamps include:
  • Intro / Intermediate Web Design (photos here, with demo days here)
  • Intro / Intermediate Web Development (photos here)
  • Cohorts in: Roseland, Gary, Indiana., Pilsen, Humboldt Park, Chatham, Harvey, IL. (Thornton Highschool), St. Louis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and more. 
  • Intro / Intermediate Python (photos here)
  • Intro to DJ-ing and Music Tech 
  • Intro / Intermediate CAD/Engineering (photos here)
  • Intro / Intermediate Robotics
  • Intro / Intermediate Digital Photography (photos here)
  • Stellar Girls 17-week STEM program (photos here).
  • 4-H Engineering 20-week after-school program. (photos here).
  • Full-time summer bootcamps of Monday-Friday immersive 4-week cohorts (twice per summer) meeting 9am-1pm and 1:30p-5:30p:
  • See photos 1, 2
  • Demo day photos (2015 photos 1, 2016 1, 2)
  • Demo day videos (2016 1, 2)
  • 2017 Session I Trainings (photos). Session I Demo Day (photos).
  • Session II Trainings (photos). 
  • Roblox INTRO Game Development Class (Jan. 26th, 2019 Chicago) (Photos).
  • Roblox INTRO Game Development Class (March 2nd, 2019 Chicago) ().
  • Roblox INTERMEDIATE Game Development Class (March 9th, 2019 Chicago) ().


  • Latina Girls Code Program: Formed in 2014,  Latina Girls Code is a program created to fill the diversity gap between girls who are interested in technology through education and resources. LGC will provide mentors, access to hardware and digital tools as well as internships through various programs and events throughout the year. It is the endeavor of the organization to provide tangible education to those particularly in disadvantaged areas in hopes to spur interest in the technology. Cohorts and events for Latina Girls ages 7-17 have included:
  • Open house trainings for youth and families (photos here).
  • Maker Events - creating custom 3D printed hats. These light up hats were programmed using Arduino Lilypads and LEDs. Each participant learned the basic coding fundamentals and took home their custom hats at the end of the event. (Photos) (Video Testimonial).