Disclosure Theme Documentation
Created: 27/07/2020
Latest update: 29/07/2020
By: Wanda International
Support Platform : https://wandasn.com/Daber
Requirements : Version 2.8 of the Main PHP script and above

Extract the downloaded Codecanyon file

Intentemos crear algo que tenga la misma apariencia de este video que encontré el otro día.

Once extracted, we will have 1 file and 1 folder

Now we are going to open our FTP or File Manager and go to :

“/public_html/content/themes” or “/www/content/themes”

Now we are going to upload the folder called "Disclosure" that was inside the ZIP file along with the documentation, DO NOT UPLOAD "Theme Disclosure"

Now we will go to our Admin Panel to the "Themes" section

We will give the button "+ Add New Theme”.

We will activate the Default button and in the name section, we will put "Disclosure" (without quotes) the exact name of the folder that we uploaded previously in our FTP

We give the button "Save changes”

Once the changes have been saved and if you followed the steps correctly, the Disclosure theme will automatically be activated

And ready, the theme is already activated and by default

Changed or improved designs:

  • Login, Registration and Forgot Password.
  • Left sidebar icons.
  • Buttons with movements in most sections.
  • The UI has been improved in sections such as the posts box, stories, chats, posts box, right sidebar boxes, Directory section, etc.
  • Moving color boxes on the right sidebar.
  • New embroidered design in drop down menus.
  • New header design.
  • New icons in header.
  • Dark Theme improved.