#DigCiz Credo: A Beautiful Lighthouse

Navigation Tips:  This is a growing rhizome.  You can choose to extend its growth any way you wish.  There are two basic choice in this choose your own credo discussion. First, you can branch off of what other other contribute in the main channel.  For example, in the margins (Papers calls them comments) Anna asked what disciplined practice meant. That bit of growth led to eight comments.  You can comment on anything in this document. Second, you can add to the beginning, middle or end any digital object that you consider useful to  the discussion. For example, Sarah has added to the end of the document with an image text.  There are other possibilities. You can riff off of what anyone includes in either the comments or the main digital ‘river’. You could consolidate or move around objects.  Or.. I hope you just run with ideas and perhaps link out to other spaces with even more conversation.  

Please feel free to add anything you find useful about the disciplined practice of ‘digital hospitality’.

Adjacent possibilities to a hospitable digital space

Be timely.
Be convivial
Welcome with feeling
Step off into the unknown.
Make sure you have skin in the game.
Unbidden gifts
Unbidden gifs
Be who you are.
Ampen, don’t dampen.

I suspect that at the beginning of the Mr. Rodgers TV show he had only a few viewers. Over time that number grew as he was consistent with his welcoming message and was entertaining and informative with what he shared on his shows.   Few of us have the following that he created but by creating a welcoming environment on the spaces we host, or where we interact with others, and by sharing interesting, useful ideas and content, we build our own following.   I wonder what he’d be like in 2017 if he were trying to engage his audience on social media.

Having people to greet those new to the space, in welcoming language and welcoming actions, seems to me to be most important.  This might include encouragement, remix with an eye towards honoring, questions, and invitations (come join me!). Finding yourself in a new space with no guide can be difficult for some. While others might like the idea of “no map,” many of us appreciate some “compass.”

Read more of Sheri’s thoughtful wordshttps://askwhatelse.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/digciz-hospitality/

Here’s a graphic that teases out a ‘set of house rules’ for how-to hospitality from the imagetext above.  Should be implicit, but are they?  Plan on playing with this as a checklist as I work on Twitter and in other convivial spaces.

I want to shout out to http://tutormentor.blogspot.co.uk/ for all the hospitality that he does

“Knowing who’s in the conversation and who still needs to be involved, is essential to putting together the mix of talent and resources needed to build and sustain a solution.” https://tutormentorexchange.wordpress.com/2017/06/17/joining-in-on-digciz-discussion/

Being clear about intent.  If that means saying, “I’m going to disagree” or asking “Can I tell you what I feel about that?”

Being clear about any rules or conventions that might apply. Being willing to discuss these.