DesignDoc - Measures (We Vote)


  • To redesign We Vote’s measure card & measure details page
  • Mobile-first approach


Problems of Current Site

(identified through past research such as FullStory analysis and usability testing)
  • High density of information
  • Users are prone to information overload and anxiety
  • Lack of motivation for user to learn about the measure and make voting decisions
  • not knowing they are supposed to take action instead of just reading
  • not knowing how they might be impacted by the measure
  • overwhelmed by the measure itself
  • not having enough information to make a decision

Direction for New Design

  • Clear
  • Make information easier to digest
  • Our ability to change wording is limited, but we can use different pattern or layout to make voter’s decision making experience to be more efficient
  • Relevant
  • Present what really matters to the voters
  • Motivating
  • Nudge user toward making a decision

User Stories

using the personas established before
  • For Power Voters 
  • they are more likely to come in having an idea which side they are voting for
  • they would want to know the arguments behind endorsements and doing their own researches before making up their minds
  • For Social Voters
  • they know what issues they care about and what organizations they trust for 
  • they are more likely to look into who in their network vote for which side
  • For Passive Voters
  • they just want to know what they should be voting for
  • they don’t have enough time and effort to read into each item on their ballot
  • their goal is to complete their ballot and feel like they are making the right decision


  • What is important for voters to decide which side to vote for?
  • The implication of passing the measure
  • Who would be affected?
  • What’s the scale?
  • Fiscal impact
  • The organizations endorsing / opposing it
  • The organizations financing the campaign
  • Are we able to get this data under current infrastructure? 
  • What their personal political network is saying
  • Which piece of information can best communicate what a measure is about?
  • Title and summary from official voter guide are usually hard to digest