Design Team Values
This is a work in progress

Constructive Candor for all.

Titles and org charts don't matter. We don’t mince words for anyone, it doesn't matter if they’re a design director or an intern. If someone asks for feedback, we tell them exactly what we think. Period. This doesn’t mean go around tearing down everyone's work for shits and giggles. Or making snide remarks behind people's back. That’s mean. Don’t do that. But if you have an idea for how something could be better, it’s our responsibility to share that. We honestly don’t have time not to be honest. 

Respect, Humility, and Trust

We approach problems and interactions with others through a lens of mutual respect, trust and humility. We trust that everyone is here for a reason.  We respect one another's perspectives. We have the humility to understand that everyone on the team can have great ideas, and that no one is perfect.

We play for the team on the front of the jersey, not our name on the back.

Who designs something doesn’t matter. We’re all are playing for the same team. Design is such a collaborative process that even if we did try and say “oh Jonny did this”, it would never be accurate as Jonny really got a lot of help from Sally who got inspired by Dave who got some help from Tina. We constantly help, inspire, and aid one another, even when it’s not in our personal best interest. When we ship a bad design, we ALL ship a bad design. When we win, we ALL win. 

Every frame matters.

We think of user's experience with our product kind of like a film. It’s a story. And every design, every experience, every pixel we ship as part of that story matters. Different experiences matter to varying degrees, but every experience matters nonetheless. When we design, we should always start from a place of striving for excellence.

Nothing’s ever “done”

So share work constantly. Share when it sucks. Share when it doesn’t make sense. Share when it’s ugly. Share when it’s great. Share when it’s beautiful. Share when it’s simple. Just share. Always share. Keep sharing. With everyone. It’s never truly “done”, so there’s no reason not to. 

Laugh. Have fun. Be nice.

We have a very strict no asshole rule here. You know that guy/gal. Don’t be that person.