Design Life Community: Manifesto
For the last 3 months we’ve been running a private beta of the Design Life Community. The community is a paid-for monthly subscription service that gives you access to exclusive resources, live streams and conversations. From today, the community is officially launched and no longer in beta. Woop! 🎉

We wanted to explain publicly what the community is and why we’re doing this. Let us explain.

PS. Have questions? Feel free to comment in this doc.


Why are you doing this?

Design Life started two years ago in November 2015. In that time we’ve recorded 102 episodes and had over 300K total listens.  

As time went on, both of us were having fleeting conversations with listeners via email or Twitter. We realised that there was an opportunity to bring our listeners together, and converse on a deeper level about the podcast show topics.

We saw an opportunity.

A lot of podcasts make their revenue through sponsorships – you know the ones. Being tired ourselves of hearing from Blue Apron and Casper, we wanted to ensure that Design Life would always be a free to listen to podcast. This means quality episodes packed from start to finish with value – no interruptions. 

But, podcasts aren’t free to produce. We’ve poured a lot of money into the show, all from our own pockets. That on top of both juggling full-time jobs and our own side projects means it gets more challenging to continue supporting the podcast on our own. 

The community is how you can support the show. This is not a get-rich scheme for us. The money earned is going to go directly into keeping the show sustainable while also growing and taking it to the next level.

How does it work?

There’s a lot of communities out there, so why are we starting one ourselves? We think a podcast is more than just a show. Design Life has brought together smart, talented and creative people from all over the world with common interests and passions. A community allows us to foster connections and help other individuals grow. We want the community to be a safe space for creatives of all levels and talents to come together and share their value and passion.

Access to the community will be $7/month or $75 a year for those who sign up in the first week. 

After November 20th prices will be increased.

More than just a chat

The community is much more than just a Slack chat. Members will be able to log in to a personalised dashboard and edit their profile and subscription. Within the community portal members will have access to a range of resources.

What is included?
  • Access to a Slack community to chat with other creatives
  • Monthly live streams
  • Book club
  • Weekly digest with gems and nuggets
  • Group calls
  • Free resources to help you advance your design career
  • Downloadable episodes
  • + more over time

What value will I get from the community?

The community is a place for you to find like-minded creatives who are working hard towards their goals. We have members of all levels: from those who have been in the industry for years, to those just starting out. It's a place for you to ask for feedback and advice on whatever you're struggling with, and to share your own expertise too! 

We’re confident the community is a great place to make useful connections, and that members will inspire you to be productive and achieve great things. Here's what one of our beta members Jayden has to say:

“The Design Life Community has become such a valuable tool for my creative workflow! I’ve found so many amazing resources through the community that I probably would have never found. The expert and instant advice from other members can really help in those tough situations as there is always someone else who has been in a similar situation!"