🌐Design History and Practice Week 7 Notes

👀 Slides, The Medium is the Message (Pop and Protest)

📝 Type Exercise

Introduce Typographic Compositions

Kimberly Elam defined 8 Typographic Systems. Find examples for each of the 8 systems designed on a variety of resources, including People’s Graphic Design Archive, TypeWolf, MOMA’s Collection, our class notes, are.na, or other places where you access design. Place each design on one slide of our shared Google slides doc with the name of the designer, title, and year, as well as your name.

Next, look at the lyrics of one of your favorite songs; select 1-2 sentences (10-20 words).

Use 6 different Typographic Systems (any, your choice) to create compositions using exactly the same lyrics excerpt.

  • 2 with a sense of urgency and directness
  • 2 that feel quiet but confident
  • 2 that highlight the musicality and timing of the song
  • 1 that is meant to be shared with a large audience
  • 1 that are meant to be one-off copies that are saved and preserved in a private collection

The fliers can include color or photos. Print the compositions at 8.5 x 11 inch paper and bring this in to class. Also upload a PDF of your designs to Canvas.

Due 10/27

Kimberly Elam, Typographic Systems (2007)

The below notes are adapted from this book as well as these notes from Type365.

8 Typographic Systems
Axial System
Radial System
Dilational System
Random System
Grid System
Transitional System
Modular System
Bilateral System

8 Typographic Systems Google Doc (Contribute to this)

💬 Bauhaus Feed Review

Show and tell