🌐Design History and Practice Week 6 Notes

👥 Continue Critique of Website Sketches

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👀 Slides, International Style

👉 Introduce Bauhaus Feed

Bauhaus Feed
Identify a designer of the bauhaus community that created work you are interested in. Start here: https://www.bauhauskooperation.com/knowledge/the-bauhaus/people/masters-and-teachers/
Imagine this designer would create 12 posts for a social media feed. Select 12 images this designer would share and place each on a page with Title, Designer Name, 1-sentence description. 5 Images should show work of the designer (could include sketches, fragments, …) The rest of the images should show how the designer looked at the world. This can include products of other designers, friends, nature, anything that expresses the designer’s perspective. Two of those images have to be yours.

Start here
Lucia Moholy’s Photos of the bauhaus
Harvard bauhaus Collection

Bauhaus Archive Berlin


Please submit a PDF that introduces your designer, includes each image separately with metadata (What it is, a caption, when it was taken/found, who the author is) and a page of all images in a 3 x 4 grid.