🌐Design History and Practice Week 1 Notes

👀 Slides

📓 Important and exciting moment for design (and history at large). More of a dialogue.

👉 Activity – Design History Analysis

In small groups, read your assigned text about graphic design history. Then create a shared google slide document that contribute answers to the following questions:

  1. Who is the author? When was the article written? Can you find one example of graphic design from that time period?
  1. What are the problems with design history, according to this author?
  1. What would the author suggest to promote a more inclusive view of design history?
  1. How would the author describe what graphic design is?
  1. Find an example of work from one of the designer’s mentioned in the article. Include a photo, who the designer is, when it is from, and what the design is for.
  1. Add all designers mentioned to the mega list at the bottom of this document

Mega list: All Designers Mentioned in Readings

Dori Griffin
Silas Munro
Philip Meggs
Paul Rand
Bradbury Thompson
Saul Bass
Otto Storch
Herb Lubalin
Lou Dorfsman
George Lois
Lucian Bernhard
A.M. Cassandre 
Ludwig Hohlwein 
Neville Brody 
Alvin Lustig