Design: Growing Document
Below is a list of resources to help you grow in design and break into design.


Designing Design — a book about amazing architects redesigning everyday objects

The Best UI is No UI — a book that will have you questioning every interface in your life

Thinking With Type — the in and outs of typography

Sprint — refine and define your process through design by Google Ventures

Grid: Raster System - bible on grids. PDF here since its hella expensive. 



Design Details — thoughts and conversations from the industry’s best, hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin

a16z — how technology is shaping the world by Andreessen Horowitz

This Week in Startups — the pulse of the startup world, hosted by jason

High Resolution - sitting down with 25 design leaders in the industry


Visual Design

A critique of Jon Lee’s work from Intro to Digital Product Design:

8 point grid system



Freelance T.V - a video series about freelancing, how to freelance, and the life of a freelance designers

High Resolution - a video series on design

Students Who Design - podcast and video series featuring 16 students with unconventional education backgrounds - by students, for students.